PSD2 API Integration by budget insight

Today 74% of the bank aggregation traffic going through our technologies uses PSD2 channels (fallback and/or API)

Compliant traffic

Last updates

  • BNPP fallback, Hello Bank! fallback, HSBC fallback, La Banque Postale fallback, Revolut Business AIS API: these connectors have recently been deployed in production.
  • Arkéa Group AIS API, Boursorama AIS API, BRED AIS API, Crédit Agricole AIS API, Crédit du Nord AIS, LCL fallback: these connectors are planned to be deployed (canary testing or production for all clients) by end of November.

We enable you to connect with end-customers’ bank accounts

Be aware that we are facing many changes in the PSD2 APIs implementation. Some divergences may exist between reality and our analysis.