PSD2 API Integration by budget insight

Last updates

  • BNPP, ING FR, ING BE and ING LU AIS API: following the internal tests we make to guarantee a smooth transition phase, we identify an issue on the accounts ID (differences between direct access and API). We have found a fix that will allow us to deploy the connectors on Budgea B2C application (canary testing) by beginning of March.
  • Arkéa Groupe AIS API: the connectors are ready to be deployed but the ASPSP warn us the webviews are going to change soon, thus we are waiting for the update and the adaptation of the connectors before deploying them on Budgea B2C application (canary testing).

We enable you to connect with end-customers’ bank accounts

Be aware that we are facing many changes in the PSD2 APIs implementation. Some divergences may exist between reality and our analysis.